Hosted by Rhizome 2009-2013, this map identifies organizations, networks, and related links throughout NYS and beyond, that offer a variety of media arts services and information. Coming soon, in 2014, Wave Farm will manage a significant overhaul of The NYS Media Arts Map. A vital connecting point for cultural organizations and the general public interested in electronic art, media, and film statewide, the new Map will dynamically profile organizations and their public programs. Online discussion and networking opportunities will facilitate communication and collaboration, while virtual tours will provide the general public with new information and access.

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[Nov 7/9] Timothy Fodness: Spacemen Waving at the Camera

In this 5.1 surround sound album, recorded prose is combined with sonic landscapes in an attempt to create an experience somewhere between reading a book and going to the movies. Twelve written pieces arrived at through automatic writing, journaling, and dream re-interpretation move through worlds blending modular synthesis, sound design, sampling, homemade instruments, and field recordings in order to crossfade listeners between real and surreal settings.

[Oct 10] Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Residency

Harvestworks announces the final recipients of the Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Program.

[Oct 23-25] Andrew Demirjian: I Tremble with Anticipation

I Tremble With Anticipation is a poetic experimental film made from a database of over 500 subtitled still images of foreign language movies.. The work features meticulously selected frames that are orchestrated into a narrative, juxtaposing gesture, light and setting, creating a new dialog across films.. Instead of “moving images” the piece is moving sounds across the three-dimensional listening field with an immersive 5.1 soundtrack written by the filmmaker.

[Nov 5-26] Computer Vision ONLINE Course

This three-week course will introduce the use of techniques in computer vision for creating interactive artworks and applications.. By using sophisticated algorithms which surreptitiously analyze video and camera streams to identify and track people, faces, moving bodies, and colors, we can add a playful–or slightly sinister–dose of interactivity to our work.

[Oct 1-31] Generative Art ONLINE Course

STILL A FEW SEATS LEFT! This 4-week ONLINE class will introduce students to generative art, an artistic philosophy and methodology for creating artworks using algorithms and procedural processes inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science.

[Sep 22 - 24] Art Jones: Hypercartogram

Art Jones’ Hypercartogram is a sound installation with 3D projected video. It is a multichannel, interactive audio map of several cities, punctuated by live action and animated video projected onto a sculptural collage of urban spaces.

[Oct 10-12] Andreas Trobollowitsch: extract #4 / snares

Andreas Trobollowitsch’s guitar performance “extract #4″ for two propelled guitars on Friday, followed by his snare-drum-fan sound-installation “snares” on Saturday/Sunday.

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