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[Jul 24] Margaret Schedel, WeiWei Jin and Terry Dame at Hyphen-Hub

Harvestworks announces a new program with Hyphen-Hub to present art works created in our TEAM (Technology Engineering Art and Music) Lab. In the Hyphen Hub Salon on Jul 24, we take a jump into the wonderful and strange, exploring new ways of creating and experiencing multimedia opera and sound sculpture: with Margaret Schedel / WeiWei Jin, and Terry Dame.

Announcing Resident Artists!

The Brick Resident Artist Program
Winter/Spring Season 2015
The Brick Theater, Inc.
Written by Matt Freeman
Directed by Michael Gardner
February 1 – February 14
The Temple
Tin Drum Productions
Written & Directed by Nat Cassidy
February 15 – February 28
BAMBIF*CKER (subject to change)
Little Lord
Written by Michael Levinton & Laura von Holt
Directed by Michael Levinton
March 1 – March 14
Diversity Awareness Picnic
Written by Leah Nanako Winkler
Directed by Morgan Gould
March 15 – April 4
Sea Fraud
Written by Zoë Geltman
Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest
April 5 – April 11
Emily Climbs (Machine Mechant)
Nellie Tinder
Written & Directed by Julia May Jonas
April 12 – May 2
MAMMOTH: A De-Extinction Love Story
Buran Theatre
Written & Directed by Adam R. Burnett
May 3 – May 23
Poor Sailor
Tugboat Collective
Based on the comic book by Sammy Harkham
From the short story “At Sea” by Guy de Maupassant
Written by Chloe C. Brown and Tugboat Collective
Directed by Eben Hoffer
May 24: – June 6
To apply The Brick Resident Artist Program’s Fall Season
(and future seasons), click here.

[Jul 25] sound-space-art

For this talk, Ruey-Shiann Shyu has invited Taiwanese curator Chun-chi Wang to discuss his work and will present a selection of projects, including the work “One Kind of Behavior” currently on shown at the Bronx museum.

The Brick is Hiring

The Brick is hiring a new Director of Operations for an August start and immediate training.  This is a part-time permanent position for $15 per hour at 20 hours per week.  Opportunities for further hours also exist.  To apply, please send a resume and cover email to info@bricktheater.com.

About The Brick:
The Brick, winner of The Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, is a 12-year old arts center and theater company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  A state of the art theater in an intimate, sprung-floored, brick-walled home, The Brick prides itself on its theatrical community, welcoming spirit and cultural innovation.  The company provides a crucially affordable home for emerging and established experimental theater-makers from Brooklyn, greater New York and internationally.  Often The Brick expands definitional circles by engaging unique cultures such as video game creators, comic book artists and clown theatre performance. And The Brick has been proud to have been instrumental in the early careers of many famous and established theater artists on the scene today.  Learn more about The Brick at www.bricktheater.com.


  • College degree required
  • Demonstrated experience in an office environment
  • Strong computer skills with experience with Office, and social media management tools
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • A positive attitude
  • Ability to work approximately 2 box office shifts per week (flexible)


  • Free space at The Brick (when available)
  • Wide-ranging management experience in the New York theater industry
  • Opportunity to create theatrical programs, initiatives or series that interest you
  • Priority production opportunities

Position Tasks

Space Management at The Brick

  • Maintaining and cleaning the space weekly
  • Arranging, purchasing and receiving supplies
  • Coordination with contractors and repair people (piano tuning, e.g.)
  • Depositing cash at the bank
  • Maintaining small change at the box office
  • Coordination with staff re reconciling of box office envelopes/serving as backup reconciler
  • Learning and knowing the operations of all on-site equipment, arranging for repair/replacement as needed in coordination with staff
  • Tracking, copying and distributing keys to appropriate individuals

Artists’ Liaison:  Communicating with artists across all programs

  • Communicating space and equipment and staffing issues as necessary
  • Sending and tracking artist contracts
  • Coordinating payment of artists with the Brick Finance staffer
  • Arranging for paperwork for Resident Artists
  • Arranging for rehearsal rentals

Intern Program Management

  • Canvasing for interns on an ongoing basis
  • Supervising and designing all intern work and arranging for primary projects and backup projects, balanced by a well-rounded indie theater experience from all angles
  • Arranging for intern compensation and travel coverage
  • Arranging box office shift coverage for interns in coordination with staff


  • Managing The Brick Google Calendar
  • Arranging rentals (when time allows)
  • Arranging space viewings
  • Scheduling festivals and techs (if needed)


  • Knowing all primary Ovationtix functions, including how to build a show
  • Serving as backup Ovationtix show creator
  • Knowing how to set up discounts in Ovationtix
  • Arranging for group discounts, school discounts, Goldstar ticketing, Yelp Nights and other 3rd party audience development programs
  • Overseeing the checking of The Brick Comp Request Form


  • Overseeing daily Facebook posts (cultivating interaction by developing a creative voice that is not strictly promotional).  Twitter, Vine & Instagram updates.
  • Arranging for brochures (designed by outside designers)
  • Drafting and sending the Eblast (including any cross-promotions)
  • Sending Press Invites; Press Releases and following up as per the “Marketing Calendar”
  • Maintaining and updating Flickr
  • Arranging for artists to send their photos, bios, scripts and materials to you in a timely manner
  • Keeping Press & VIP list up to date
  • Updating received press on the Press Links Googledoc


  • Entering shows on The Brick website and keeping it up to date
  • Troubleshooting issues as they occur
  • Helping with fundraisers and Brick community events
  • Ordering program covers when needed
  • Updating donor names to website and program covers
  • Arranging for staff-signed thank-you cards to donors

To apply, please send a resume and cover email to info@bricktheater.com.

    [Jul 30] Thalamus Lab: Open Call for Sounds II

    Thalamus Lab & Harvestworks invite you to participate in the Experimental Sound Lab and collaborate with other artists to create a free experimental sound library.

    [Jul 7-30] Computer Vision ONLINE Summer Course

    [You can still sign up - we usually keep registration open for a few days, because at the beginning you'll download & watch videos] This intensive 3+ week ONLINE course is an introduction to the use of computer vision for creating interactive art and installation with Processing. We will learn how to make custom software which tracks people, faces, moving bodies, colors, and objects, and use that data to control interactive content.

    [Jul 1] Call For Proposals: Creativity + Technology = Enterprise

    Harvestworks in partnership with The Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) provides an opportunity for artists to create new works of art, further develop their creative tool set, and benefit from the advisory and professional services of ITAC to reach a marketplace looking for innovative approaches to new technology. Fifteen New York State artist/technician teams will be awarded up to $5000 (dependent upon funding) to produce, document, and present a new artwork. Women and minority teams are encouraged to apply.

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